ANP Management

Project and facilities management through A Neighborhood Place.

The vision for and commitment to a project are just a beginning.

Project Management

When the parameters of a project have been completed and all parties have approved and are ready to go, the next phase is making the project a reality. ANP will ready to undertake general project management under contractual agreement with the local board. Or, ANP will recomment other parties, businesses or groups that might provide project management as well. ANP does not make any assumptions that it is the best solution for every community. We will present a proposal that shows that its interests align with those of the community. Using ANP in this role may represent a logical and clear choice, but there may be others.

Project management proposals will be highly detailed and well thought out, working while working closely with the community leaders. Project parameters, as lined out in the the planning phase, will be the basis for any proposal by ANP for project management and will hew closely to those parameters. ANP will also hold to tight timelines so that projects remain on time and within budget. As a B Corp, ANP will always answer directly to its partners and employees, maintaining an open and welcoming work space.

Facilities Management

As neighborhood place projects near completion of the creation process, the planning of how it will operate and who will be responsible for its operation will become the focus of the next steps. Each project will have management needs particular to its final formation. A place may have a coffee house, a pub, food service, a performance facility, meeting rooms, offices for rent, classrooms, or any number of other configurations. No matter what the configuration, it will need to generate revenue and it will need to have on-site business management.

ANP will offer, as a part of its resources, management and hiring expertise. We will aid in setting up the processes for the initial hiring and training of personnel and, if desired by the local group, we will continue the management under contract. The ANP leadership team has the depth of experience in business operations that local groups may not have or want to spend time developing. ANP will offer contracts covering all phases of a site’s operations for periods of two to five years.

Contract estimates will be based on needs and best practices, focusing on daily operations and facility growth.