The Neighborhood Place Approach

Our core offering is basic neighborhood engagement.

Our team will meet with community members who are interested in creating a space for their neighborhood. Initial meetings with interested community meetings will be followed by a discovery process intended to determine if the neighborhood/community really has the energy for this work.

That work will be followed by invitations to the community to meet and plan what the residents might want, what they have, and what they might be missing.

Once that is done, ANP will put together a proposal that will identify those community needs / wants, outlining what will likely be needed to make the neighborhood vision a reality in terms of costs, space, and individual involvement.

Further services provided by ANP radiate out from that center.

Project planning: Determining what people resources will be needed to create the space and if some of that is available in the neighborhood or if we need to engage our list of resources.

Project management: Providing ongoing and on site day to day management of the development process.

Facility management: Community members may not have the skills to operate, hire, and manage the facility they envision. ANP will offer management by contract.

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