The Place Solution

The Neighborhood Place

The mission of A Neighborhood Place is to assist neighborhoods/communities in the creation of community spaces; spaces that will serve not merely as places of activity, but as centers for the building of a new social fabric that will transform our isolation into connectedness and caring. The work of A Neighborhood Place will be shifting our conversations from the problems of community to the possibility of community.

To that end, our focus will be in assisting community-oriented non-profits discern the shapes and types of spaces they need and then find the resources required to build/remodel/re-purpose them.

The key to creating or transforming community, then, is to see the power in the small but important elements of being with others.

Block, Peter. Community: The Structure of Belonging (p. 10). Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Kindle Edition.

Each community/neighborhood will present different needs and require different approaches by ANP. Once we have determined the scope of a project, we will be able to determine the resources needed for that project. Those resources can include people, social media, print, internet use, websites, phone resources, offices, and many others.

Working primarily with community-created non-profits, the aim of ANP is to make a positive impact on society and the environment. It will be intentionally working with these communities and partners to provide safe, welcoming places for diverse communities to thrive.

Our solution is not a cookie-cutter template for area recreation centers or meeting spaces. Our focus is in assisting community-oriented non-profits find the shapes and types of spaces they need and then find the resources required to build/remodel/re-purpose them to whatever extent is needed.

The principle of participation: All decisions about to build, and how to build it, will be in the hands of the users.

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Also, as a part of ur bundle of resources, we can provide other services such as project management and facilities management, leveraging its own expertise so that its community partners can focus their efforts on local engagement and development.