The Search for Community

Who is Searching?

There is a huge growth in places offering collective experience. These are largely places offering a single product/service or a range of products or services in the same category. While that in itself does not reference a need for places offering multiple collective experiences, it does suggest a need to congregate for other reasons than just to experience a single product. This group of searchers is multi- generational and crosses economic, social, and ethnic boundaries.

People are taking part in a wide range of sought experiences from the multiplication of coffee shops to the numbers filling up fitness clubs and from the enormous growth of craft beer to the various types and offerings of yoga. But also, not as visible as the comings and goings of storefronts is the constant growth of the “meetup.”

“If we don’t have multigenerational solutions and invest in one group at the expense of another, we’re not going to get anywhere.”

Trent Stamp, executive director of The Eisner Foundation, told Next Avenue. “Why We Need To Get Rid Of Senior Centers” – Kerry Hannon , Contributor Forbes article

Offerings on meet up websites and apps as well as bulletin board offerings along busy streets, in stores, and posted on the windows of coffee shops and pubs, have exploded. People are meeting in homes, offices, churches, and wherever else there is a free space.